Working Visa Australia

There are a variety of visas that permit visiting nationals to work in Australia. There are several options: temporary work permits, more long term points assessed routes like the Skilled Independent Visa, on to employer sponsored services such as the Employer Nominated Scheme.

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457 Visa

This is basically a temporary working visa Australia, aimed at Australian businesses who need to bring foreign nationals into Australia in order to fill a specific vacancy. The visa is not transferable between employers of jobs, but while the bearer is working in Australia they are permitted to apply for a variety of more permanent immigration visas.

Skilled Independent Visa Australia

The Australian Skilled Independent visa was designed to attract the immigrants who would be of great economic benefit to the nation, and as such targets the most highly skilled migrants. The applicant will need to score 120 points in an assessment procedure which looks at the key areas of the applicant's profile, including their age, their occupation, their skills and English language ability.

The bearer is not limited to any specific employer, so successful applicants can work as they wish. The initial grant is for five years, and if the bearer spends four years working in the country they can apply for Australian citizenship. Because this visa is work based it also permits husbands, wives, partners and/or any dependent children of the bearer to enter Australia.

Are You Eligible?

You will need to be able to work in a profession which is registered on the current skilled occupation list and you need to have had recent paid employment within this profession for at least one of the two years immediately preceding the application.

You must score 120 or above in the points based assessment, and holding a job offer will gain you extra points here. Other bonuses are time you may have spent on study courses in Australia, and the qualifications and experience of your spouse. You must be aged 45 or younger, and you need to have a good proficiency in the English language.

You must also pass some stringent health and character checks. You will need to have a chest X ray carried out by a doctor in Australia, and you will need to show clear police checks for every country in which you have spent over twelve months in the last ten years.

The Skilled Sponsored Visa

This visa works very similarly to the skilled migration visa, and is based upon a points based assessment which scrutinises the same areas of the candidate's experience, education, and their linguistic ability. The candidate will receive extra points if they have spent time studying in Australia, or they have a job offer, and more points could be given for the work history and educational background of the applicant's wife, husband or conjugal partner.

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There is one essential difference to the Skilled Sponsored visa, the applicant must be able to provide an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a suitable New Zealand resident who will guarantee to act as sponsor for the applicant while they are in the country.

Benefits of Skilled Sponsored Over Skilled Independent

The main advantage of applying for the Sponsored over the Independent is the points threshold is lower. Applicants need to score just 100 points. The categories of relatives who can act as sponsors are wide, and includes step- and half-relatives as well as a parents, brothers and sisters, non-dependent children, aunts, uncles, nephews or nieces of the candidate.

Every candidate must be over 18 and must be able to show that they can support themselves financially.

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

This employer led immigration service is another permanent residency route for Australian immigration and depends upon a candidate being sponsored by an Australian company. The Employer Nomination Scheme applies to both skilled immigrants from overseas and temporary residents in Australia and is designed to help employers fill positions which they have been unable to satisfy from the domestic labour market.

As with other skilled migration routes candidates must be under the age of 45 although exceptions may be made in specific circumstances on the grounds of exceptional skill, the critical nature of the role being offered, or the presence of the position on the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL).

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Australian Distinguished Talent Visa

This permanent immigration visa for Australia is based on a candidate's exceptional ability in either sports, the arts or research and academia. There is no age limit for this route however those under 18 or over 55 will need to show evidence of financial stability and must demonstrate that their presence in Australia will be of exceptional benefit to the country.

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