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Visas For Short Stays in Canada

Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) are not for the candidate who is seeking longer residency  when they expire the candidate is required to return to their home country.

Single entry permits are issued for periods of up to six months, but multiple entry permits (which allow a number of visits to the country) are issued for a more flexible period.

You may not work in Canada if you enter on a short stay visa, but you may carry out certain types of business activity, or study, as long as your course does not last longer than the period of the visa.

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Canadian Work Permit

These allow Canadian employers to hire employees from overseas. The employer will to be able to demonstrate that suitable candidates for the job are in short supply, or that there are no suitable Canadians or permanent residents who could fill the vacancy.

The employer will submit the Canada Work Permit application for the employee, and the employee is restricted so they can only live and work in Canada so long as they are hired in that job.

Canadian Study Visa

Tourist visa holders may study in Canada but only for a maximum of six months. For any course that lasts longer than that you will need a specific Canadian Study Visa. These are issued at a length to match that of the course in most of Canada, apart from in Quebec, when they will need to be renewed annually. You need to have a firm offer of a place on a course of study before you apply. You may take limited on campus employment.

Permanent Immigration to Canada

Highly Skilled Migration and Canadian Business Visas

The Federal skilled worker visa and the Quebec equivalent assess applicants on a points system, and are designed explicitly to attract highly skilled migrants to the country. The candidate's age, experience, qualifications and language proficiency are all taken into account, and an assessment is made as to their general capability to adapt to Canadian living.

Skilled worker visas are aimed at being a route for permanent migration, and successful candidates are not limited to taking work with specific employers or jobs. (However, pre-arranged job offers do gain extra assessment points.)

If you want to immigrate to Canada because you want to begin operating a business, or you wish to invest in the national economy, you should look at the Canadian Business Immigration Program.

There are three categories here: the Canadian Entrepreneur Program, the Immigrant Investor Programand the Self-Employed Immigration Program. All of them employ a points based assessment system, though with a lower threshold than for either the Federal or the Quebec skilled worker visas.

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Entrepreneurs will need to show they have business experience, an ability to make an investment in Canada and an ability to create jobs.

The investor visa is assessed primarily on the applicant's ability to make a large investment in the Canadian economy, and the self-employed visa needs the candidate to be creating a venture to benefit Canada's economic, sporting, or cultural, development.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

There are some Canadian Provinces which offer Provincial Nominations Program (PNPs). These permit specific states to sponsor a candidate so that they can work and live in Canada.

In general, PNP applications are processed much more rapidly than the Skillled Worker type of Canada Visa, and it is not such a demanding assessment process. All applicants must be able to show they have sponsorship pre-arranged from the particular province, and they need to be able to demonstrate a clear intention to settle in that province.

Canada Family Visa

Permanent residents or Canadian citizens may sponsor their close family members. Parents, husbands, wives, common-law partners and/or the dependent children may move to Canada under this scheme, and can work and live in the country as they like. In certain circumstances this opportunity may also be open to other relatives. The sponsor needs to be able to demonstrate they can - and will - support the candidate once they are in the country for a period of time of between three and ten years (to be agreed during the application).

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